Awesome IDE

Latest Version: (2014.7.17)

Supported OS: 32/64bit Win7/Win8/win10/win11

Easy To Use

Many shortcuts are
same with VSCode, Sublime Text.


The install package only 15MB,
you can install it relaxed and fastly.

High Performance

The core are wrote by C++11/14/17.

Lua Debugging

You can create Lua Coding & Debugging Project based on
Unity3D(xLua,slua,tolua), Cocos2d-x Lua, or any other Apps contains Lua VM.

CSD Recovery

Support import .csb/.json published by
CocosStudio2.x, then publish to CocosStudio .ccs project.

Cocos2d-x UI Editing

Support Cocos2d-x UI & Particle Editing.